A Heart Warming TruHealth Transformation Story!

Written by Mannatech on July 28, 2017

One of the most heart warming stories that has come out of the launch of TruHealth in Australasia has been from Father and Daughter, Cerisa Riley and Michael Bennett.

Living in regional NSW, Cerisa was introduced to the products by National Director, Melissa Humphris and decided to give the program a try with her Dad Michael.

Michael had existing health issues, and was unable to leave the house.  Since starting on the TruHealth program, he has lost 28 kilos and has been able to do the things many take for granted, such as mowing the lawn and taking his Grandson for a walk.

Cerisa has lost 24 kilos on the program and feels amazing! She has also learnt new healthy eating habits that she has been able to pass on to her children.

Together they have been able to keep each other accountable to stay committed to a new healthier life!

Watch their inspiring story below.

A Heart Warming TruHealth Transformation Story!

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