Transformation Challenges

Commit to a challenge that continues to show amazing results. Through our TruHealth System, you’ll lose fat. Be armed with tools to stay committed on Connect and inspire with others, share your progress, tips and stories through our Facebook group.



    1. Purchase and follow the TruHealth FatLoss program (TruPLENISH, TruPURE and TruSHAPE) at

    2. Register on and join the 60 Day Winter Challenge by 9 Jul 2018. 

    3. Submit ‘before’ pictures and body measurements between  4 – 9 Jul 2018  via

    4. Provide at least two ongoing updates via the private Facebook group (search TruHealth Australasia on Facebook to join). Updates can include photos of your progress, tips on how to stay on track or sharing articles.

    5. Submit ‘after’ pictures and body measurements at the end of month one between 7 – 11 Aug 2018 via

    6. Submit ‘after’ pictures, body measurements and a short essay (250 words or less) about how the Winter Challenge helped you towards your goals at the end of the challenge. Submit between 6 – 12 Sep 2018 via



When you purchase a TruHealth Bundle between 1 Jun – 9 Jul 2018

AND join our Winter Challenge (9 Jul – 6 Sep 2018)



See the full Flyer and Terms & Conditions


1. Overall centimetres lost for male category, and overall centimetres lost for female category. Total prize pool $6,000. 2. 50 Loyalty points can only be earned once per individual, based on the first TruHealth Bundle purchased between 1 Jun – 9 Jul 2018 and if you have joined the Winter Challenge (9 Jul – 6 Sep 2018). Individuals must also complete all required steps (step 1 – 3 within the ‘How to Join’ section) to join this challenge. Loyalty points will be loaded directly to their account from 16 July 2018. * See full Terms & Conditions





If this is the first time you’re purchasing from Mannatech, here’s how to join.


  1. See the benefits of joining mannatech at

  2. Click on ‘Join Now

  3. Become a ‘Preferred Customer’ or ‘Associate’

  4. Select the products you want to purchase

  5. Confirm items in your shopping cart and ‘Continue with Registration’

  6. Fill in your personal information, create a password, choose a security question and supply the answer.

  7. On the ‘Additional Information’ page, you will be asked whether someone referred you to Mannatech

    • If you select YES, you can search for this person with their Name, Account Number or Business Name

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  8. Review your order once more and decide whether you want this to be an ongoing automatic order or not, before submitting your payment information. Please note, you will need to have an Automatic Order generated for three consecutive months before you can redeem any loyalty points.

  9. Once your order has been submitted, you’ll be provided with your Account Number via email (within 24 hours), which you can use to login in future.