What our TruHEALTH Challenge Winners have said…




 Amanda Hatcliff

 Winner – 90 Day Summer Challenge (15 Feb – 15 May 2019)

“What I have achieved has made me so proud of my efforts and so thankful for these products.
I can feel the difference in my body shape and shedding those extra unwanted kilos has definitely made life much easier, I have the energy to move around much more and enjoy life with my kids and do more of the things they love. I have received many compliments which boosted my confidence in not only my image but my ability to achieve goals I set for myself.
Thank you for helping to improve my life!



Allen Willis 

Winner – 60 Day Spring Challenge (15 Oct – 13 Dec 2018)

“Wow these products really are amazing, I feel more energetic, happy and have less inflammation. I have released another 15.5 kgs, 17cms from my shoulders, 16cm chest, 25cm stomach, 18.5cm hips and 8cms from my thigh. So happy I was introduced to Mannatech Truhealth and I will definitely recommend it to anyone. I really enjoyed cleanse days and the shakes are amazing. I want to thank my wife, James, and Naomi for their support and Mannatech for making this all available. My goal is 90kgs and with the help of these products it’s never been more achievable.”


 Giovanni Zugajev

Winner – 60 Day Winter Challenge (9 Jul – 6 Sep 2018)

“When I think about why I entered the 60-day challenge, the answers for me are crystal clear. I would look in the mirror and I hated what I saw. I was unfit and slowly killing myself. For many years I allowed it to slowly get worse. I would have occasional periods where I would try to ‘get fit’, but these attempts never lasted long and would ultimately fail for a variety of reasons.

I needed to understand and accept how I got to this point. I have been a police officer for nearly 25 years now. It is a career that has given me a huge amount of pride and satisfaction. Unfortunately, my profession, like many others, comes with a cost. I have seen many friends and colleagues become ‘broken’ by things they have seen and had to deal with. For me I started suffering from depression about 7 years ago. It is something I have never made public, nor ever really shared with anyone, including my family. Like many other people suffering from depression, it is a burden, right or wrong that I chose to keep concealed. Depression is a strange affliction, it affects everybody differently. On most days I am okay. Around my friends, work mates and especially my family, I appear as normal as anyone else. For me, things usually get difficult when I am alone. Sometimes it might be triggered by something I have to do at work, or simply something I hear on the radio or see on the internet. It doesn’t usually last long, but it becomes very draining and it does take its toll.

To deal with my depression, I turned to food and alcohol. I enjoyed the way food made me feel. I became addicted to food. Unfortunately, both these things that helped me in the immediate sense, were ultimately hurting me. It is a vicious cycle. I would feel depressed, so I would eat and drink. As a result, I would put on weight and hate the way I looked and felt. So, to combat this, I would continue eating and drinking, and so on and so on…

The turning point for me was seeing the life changing results my wife Jody had after starting on the Mannatech journey. It wasn’t just the physical changes that were so striking, but the improvement in her mental well-being after such a long and difficult time with her debilitating back injury. After a little encouragement, I started taking Ambrotose and Plus. I found I was a lot calmer and more constant both at work and home. The huge mood swings I would suffer from became much easier to manage.

All this made my decision to try and change my life much easier to accept and embrace. I started the TruHealth challenge weighing 120.2kgs. In the last 8 weeks I have totally changed my life and lost 15kg, changed my body shape and have become healthy again. In some respects, I feel like the ‘weight of the world’ has been lifted from my shoulders. This 60-day challenge has now become a lifelong journey for me, and perhaps the starting point to becoming my old self again. I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved, especially my wife for her unwavering love and support. I could not have done it without you. ”



 Kathryn Tinker

Winner – 90 Day Transformation Challenge (12 Mar – 9 Jun 2018)

“WOW!! All I can say is WOW, this really works! I’m so happy with my results. When I started the TruHealth challenge, I could barely move. I was in severe pain due to pregnancies that caused me to have an ongoing pelvic/hip condition and caused me to pile on weight. As the weights came off, there was less pressure on my hips/pelvis and I was able to move more easily. At the beginning of the challenge, I could only do a light 20min walk every 2nd or 3rd day due to pain and yesterday (at the end of the challenge), I completed an 8km walk with hardly any pain! I found the TruHealth system easy and the shakes delicious! It easily fits into my lifestyle and the online support is great. I will be definitely continuing on to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m feeling like me again and have gained my confidence back. Plus, a mindset of ‘I can achieve and do this’!”




Penny Keen 

Winner – 30 Day Detox Challenge (15 Jan – 13 Feb 2018)

“This program has been a saviour. I have tried nearly every program under the sun and have not had success I have had with the TruHEALTH system. It is so easy and convenient and supports your body in such a healthy way. Everything you need comes straight to your door, just mix, shake and drink. Thanks Mannatech for helping me find me again. I plan to keep using the TruHEALTH products and online measuring tool on truhealthfitness.com.au to keep on track and hope to join in the next challenge. Look forward to seeing the new me.”


Christine Sands

Winner – 90 Day Transformation Challenge (15 Sep – 14 Dec 2017)

“I’ve seen a huge transformation in myself over the last three months! It took a long time for me to see my body was changing, but over the last few weeks I’ve started liking what I see! I feel fitter, happier and am able to enjoy so much more now I have more energy. I have just completed an entire triathlon which I didn’t think possible a few months ago.

I have always struggled with my weight, but with the TruHEALTH program I have found it much easier to keep going and stay motivated. Having little children often means I don’t have a lot of time to prepare a balanced meal, so it’s great to know I can just grab a shake in a few minutes! I still have a long way to go but I am so much closer now and I can’t wait to continue improving my body composition and physical fitness!”


Michael Macheda

Winner – 90 Day Transformation Challenge (15 Sep – 14 Dec 2017)

“The end of the 90 days is here and I’ve loved the journey and the changes to my body. With a loss of 15kg and 48cm, I am astonished with my loss.

In the last 4 weeks, I’ve increased my exercise by joining the gym and keeping active, which has shown great results in my measurements. I have also achieved my under 100kg goal,  I am now sitting at 98kg! I’ve had a lot of slip ups as well, as we’re in the midst of the festive season and the temptations are all around us. But it just made me work harder by exercising and eating healthier in the days following and I still achieved great results.

The entirety of the challenge has taught me how to live healthy and I’ve been able to share this knowledge with people around me who are now making changes to their lives. I will continue to reach my goal of a 20kg loss, to create a stronger exercise routine and to find more ways to share knowledge and reach out to more people. I can’t wait for the next challenge!”


 Kate Taylor

Month 3 Winner – 90 Day Transformation Challenge (15 Sep – 14 Dec 2017)

“I’m so happy completing the 90 days with 80cm and 11kg lost thanks to the Truhealth system. I reached my goals the whole way through, except the last 20 days. The Truhealth dashboard has been amazing, you can keep an eye on your measurements and track your weight the whole way through. The meal ideas and health tips were great each week! I’m looking forward to starting a new challenge and losing 20kg as my new goal. I can’t thank Mannatech enough for giving us a system that truly works and helps change our lifestyle and eating habits gradually. I know I have changed mine for life from this 90 days. I’ve been on 2 challenges with Mannatech and lost a total of 25kg.”


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